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Introduction to Broadband

Are you planning to upgrade your Internet connection to broadband?  This guide explains what broadband technology is and introduces you to ADSL, high-speed cable, satellite Internet technology and the entire DSL family of high-speed Internet solutions.

Questions and Answers 

Find answers to your general questions about the high-speed Internet. Discover what broadband alternatives exist which one  meets your needs and can save you money.  Find out if ADSL, cable or some other high-speed Internet option is the best for you.

High-Speed Internet Alternatives

This section answers detailed questions about each of the high-speed Internet solutions that are now available: ADSL, HDSL, VDSL, SDSL, RADSL, high-speed cable, satellite Internet, wireless solutions, ISDN and T1.

Broadband Applications and Uses

Learn how broadband can enhance your life.  Watch live and on-demand TV over the Internet.  Listen to CD quality radio.  Use broadband phone service to reduce your phones costs.  Use VPN to work from home.

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